Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Vol. 5 - "A Trick of the Light" - Episode 4

Monday, February 13, 2006

One Shots - 10 - Learn 2 PLAY: Hunter

Here's the first in a sporadic series of educational strips designed to illuminate the intricacies of the World of Warcraft.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Vol. 5 - "A Trick of the Light" - Episode 3.5

How'd you get so smart? Reading.

Voting on the current poll question has "closed" and a heartwarming 96.1% of you think that this comic strip is not a complete piece of crap and would therefore either definitely (62.6%) or possibly (33.5%) buy an Adventures with Play book. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Now, all I need is for someone to convince Blizzard to let me publish such a book. Of course, all proceeds would go to the Child's Play charity. So if you just happen to be a kind person in Blizzard's business development, licensing or legal departments (or just know someone who is), drop me a note at:

Here is the poll question for the sake of posterity. You can still vote and/or look at the results, but I'll probably never look at the outcome.

The next poll question, designed to settle a bet, will be up later tonight alongside of the previously promised "half strip".

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Vol. 5 - "A Trick of the Light" - Episode 3

This episode is inspired by a real Alterac Valley motivational shout made on Maelstrom by a player with the best RP name ever: Steve.

I like italics

Sorry for the unexpected lag in putting up new comic strips this past week. Between RL and AV, I just haven't been able to find the time to be, how do you say it, funny. Also, I may have lost my Blogger password. Anyway, a new strip will be up tonight and, because I've kept my readers unjustly waiting for so long, a first-time-ever special half strip will be up the very next day. All this at no additional cost to you!

Also, I originally planned for Adventures with Play to run for five volumes and then abruptly end so I could retire to enjoy the ill-gotten spoils. I now realize that I cannot support myself on $0, so AwP will continue past volume 5. There will, however, be a cliff hanger ending to the current volume. Well, there won't be any cliffs, and mostly likely no hanging and, as I've just said, no real ending. Lets just say I haven't written it yet but the suspense may kill you.