Friday, April 28, 2006


The new comic will be up later today or tomorrow. Meanwhile, since the talking sheep has stirred up some discussion, let me paraphrase C. P. Snow and summarize the
Three Laws of Warcraftdynamics

1. You can't win (because that guild of 14-year-old-kids has all purple gear, poor parenting).

2. You can't break even (because that next upgrade to your pants is gonna cost you a lot more than the increase to your earnings power that you obtained by getting those last shoulders).

3. You can't even quit the game (because hero classes may come out at some point).

In other words, World of Warcraft is going to beget the heat death of the universe, unless the next patch finally breaks it for good.

Let us pray.


Anonymous Hui said...

What would be a World of Warcraft win condition? I always imagined being promoted to a Gamemaster would be something close, but I wouldn't want all the CSR duties that a gamemaster has.

8:57 AM, May 06, 2006  
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