Sunday, October 29, 2006

One more

Ok, I can't stop at just one. Click here for the original (by talented artist Ben Lane) and my doctored version.

I'm gonna need to change my site layout if this sort of thing is going to continue.


Clearly suffering from prolonged comic-block, I've decided to ease my way back into the world of WoW comics by criticizing other, more talented and motivated, people.

First up is "Tales from Westfall", a recent honorable mention from this month's official Blizzard comic contest.

Nice artwork and good premise, but the writing can be punched up a bit. Pointing out the absurdities of game logic is funny, but not as funny as proposing tortured explanations to them. Here's how I would've done it:

Panel 1. Close-up of bloody dwarf.
[Dwarf]: Dammit! I got another boar with no liver!
[Someone yelling from off screen to the left]: What?
[Dwarf]: No liver!
Panel 2. Night Elf entering from the left.
[Elf]: You're just fucking eating those, aren't you?
[Dwarf]: What?! No! It didn't have a liver!
[Elf]: How is that even fucking possible?
Panel 3.
[Dwarf]: I dunno. Maybe it's like in that "Schrodinger's Cat" thought experiment: You picture a cat, but you don't know if it has a liver or not until you kill him and open him up.
[Elf]: I'm picturing opening you up and finding all the boar livers cause you FUCKING ATE THEM!
Panel 4. Human entering from the right.
[Human]: Maybe if you didn't mash the poo out of everything with that comically large hammer, they'd still have livers. Where'd you get that thing anyway?
[Dwarf]: I found it in a bird.

But why does the night elf have to swear?